I do not blog here anymore.

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/me waves frantically! i am super hyper, idk why. i worked really hard on these photos and i am really happy with how they turned out.

so church of luxe is having a 50L sale on everything except her most recent release (the cutest bunny ears ever). i adore church of luxe. it is one of the first stores i fell in love with as a newbie. i remember camping forever for lindens, and spending it on a church of luxe dress; this dress; i love this dress. i thought i would be cute and pair it with these adorable socks from mocha. a definite must check out store for cute japanese clothes, PLUS they have lucky boards with awesome shiz in it. i am also wearing the newest canvas shoes release from pididdle, which i LOOOOOOVE. i wear the same shoes in RL, so it’s so nice to see them on SL :]/

isadora in closed walls

isadora surrounded by walls

isadora surrounded by green grass

isadora surrounded by green grass

Hair – ETD – Elikapeka Tiramisu Designs [I bought the natural pack for 75L, that’s like 5 colours for 75L; secret sale? :O]

Skin – League

Nail Polish – Pididdle [best glove nail polish, evaaaaa]

Dress – [COL] – Church of Luxe  <3<3<3

Socks – ++mocha++

Shoes – Pididdle

Pose – (pda) – penny dreadful arcade

lol, it amazes me how long it takes me to make a post. i hope as readers you love it as much as i love showing people. ❤



p.s. thx to litzi for letting me use her greenhouse 😀


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i am in a pretty good mood today, eating left over banana bread and listening to muse.

checking out looking at runway shows from fashion week. there really are so many talented designers out there. fashion is an incredibly expressive art form and i love what designers create for us on sl. like oyakin has some brand new releases, which is super exciting since it is one of my favorite stores. this antique tunic is so cute! ahhh, i don’t know what to type. everyone loves truth hair. the textures, and the styles are superb. this look is pretty straightforward and simple, neutral colours. i’m not wearing shoes. for the photos, i wanted a soft feel, feminine; i think i achieved that.

isadora in pink skys

isadora in pink skys

isadora in cloudy skys

isadora in cloudy skys

Hair – Truth [i think truth is secretly like a foreign sweatshop of 20 peoples with superior hair/cloth making skillz to make stuff so fast :Q___][just kidding, i think]

Skin – Curio

Top – Oyakin [a bunch of new releases including this top ^^]

Arm warmers – Maitreya

Leggings – Ohmai! [FREE!]

Poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade



p.s. ugh, should i delete the top photo? I HATE BEING UNDECISIVE. o_x


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so my first official post. i was supposedly starting this blog, like 6 months ago, lol. i’m not sure what it’s going to be. i don’t want it to be the typical lookbook blog or something. i just kind of want it to be the randomness of my secondlife. inspiration. creativity. fashion. music. ranting. whatnot.

anyways, so olivia was posting on plurk about &bean group gift skins. so i totally had to check it out. and they were are completely awesomeness. i like the whole cutesy but evil look. so i was thinking to do like I should do a creepy shoot. so then, litzi (she has a fabulous blog, btw) gave me a slurl to this place. and it was perfect.

isadora in creepsville, usa.

isadora in creepsville, usa.

Hair – *barberyumyum*

Skin – &Bean – [join the group, it was in the notices]

Dress – ::SUGARCUBE:: – [free at one of the locations][notsurewhere,sorryisuck]

Bandage – Reek – [comes in so many layers, :Q____]

Socks – ++mocha++

Shoes – Monogrind. – [sorry, use search, I cannot find the LM in the invent., and I’m tired]

Pose – (pda) – penny dreadful arcade

so like, that’s it. x_x

i’ll try and post often!

whether you like it or not.

mucho love,